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Live Scan hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 5:00 pm
                                          No appointment required!!!!


The California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) has established a process of performing background checks utilizing digitized fingerprints. When your fingerprints are scanned digitally, it is referred to as a Live Scan. To date there are over 41,436 different type of Live Scans.  Upon completion of your live scan, your digital prints and personal information are immediately electronically sent to CA DOJ and/or the FBI. These government agencies will then match your fingerprints against their criminal data base and directly notify the requesting agency of the results. If you have no record, you have successfully passed your background screening and the requesting agency may then issue your license or credential and authorize you to commence employment as the case may be.

Our rolling fee is just $25.00 (NO APPOINTMENT EVER NEEDED) this fee does not include any background fees associated with the applicant’s type of live scan. We are proud to have completed over 33,000 Live Scans since 2004 so you can be assured that our experience and our equipment will achieve quality results.  Call us today at

(209) 723-4273 to find how much your specific Live Scan will be.

States outside California or specific Governmental Agencies may require applicants to have their fingerprints captured on a traditional ink card (FD-258).  We are also one of the few agencies in Merced County that capture fingerprints on the FD-258 or similar ink cards provided by the client. 

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