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Construction Sites

Night time, weekend or round the clock physical Security at construction sites serves to protect and deter acts of vandalism, theft of tools, materials or equipment. These prospective losses cost time and most importantly, money, to replace  those losses which thereby could cause construction delays. 

On Site Security Officer Duties Include:

  • Highly visible, intensive patrol of the construction site

  • Trespass enforcement 

  • Site lock down, (gate/ fence closures & openings as needed) 

  • Criminal activity prevention

  • Suspicious persons or unusual activities investigations

  • Duress alarm response

  • Contact site management  personnel and/or emergency services when warranted

Industrial Facilities 

Round the clock, on or off hours protection of manufacturing plants and office buildings. We can provide officers to control access to your facility and prevent theft by employees, as well as routine patrolling to deter break-ins, document and report safety hazards, water leaks or fires. Our services are always tailored to fit our clients needs. 

Private Patrol Services

Night-time and weekend patrol service to check perimeters and doors to prevent loitering, vandalism and theft. We can provide you with detailed reports of the results of our patrols, detailing any activity or incidents, as well as unsecured doors, gates or windows found. 

Apartment Complexes

Utilizing a combination of foot and/ or vehicle patrols of multi- unit residential facilities to prevent theft, vandalism or trespassers. We can respond to tenant complaints of noise disturbances, and suspicious activity.  Our highly visible Vehicle Patrol Units can provide protection to those sites not requiring a permanent on site guard. These inspections are useful and extremely cost effective in the detection and prevention of crime or vandalism. Typical uses for Vehicle Patrol Service include but not limited to: locking/ unlocking of doors, controlling vagrants and trespassers, reporting maintenance problems (to prevent liability issues stemming  from poor lighting or unsafe areas). 


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